Three generations have farmed the same soil and we are proud to keep up the tradition. Our parents and grand parents farmed this soil with truck farming. Now we market garden and grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. With season extension techniques we are able to harvest produce from the end of May thru December. All produce is picked when flavor is at it’s best.

We grow produce with a combination of old fashioned horse sense, biodynamic preps, companion planting w/herbs and flowers, green cropping, tree barriers, intercropping, intense gardening methods, mulching, composting, soil amendments and love in caring for our little slice of paradise.

Healthy soil begets a healthy plant so we use biodynamic preps, composting, mineralization, intercropping, soil amending, crop rotation and companion planting to maintain a healthy garden and micro environment. We save seed and trade with local gardeners for seed. I purchase from seed houses that pledge to use gmo-free seed and always will. We blend yester year wisdom with the best of forward thinking practices and it works well for us. Cradle to cradle is the concept we work toward and each year we incorporate new ideas that favor this the cradle to cradle concept.

Surprisingly there are quite a few foods that are made locally and regionally. I test them first and then share the best with you. Hand cut pasta, old fashioned syrups, pastured eggs, Indiana popcorn, heirloom dried beans, certified organic apples, antique apples and msg free beef jerky. Quantities are limited, we get more in as soon as it is available.
In late Summer and Fall we have available Certified Organic apples, apple butter and apple cider from Earth First Farms in Berrien Springs, Michigan. This award winning cider is delicious and mouth watering.

We also have limited quantities of antique apples and last year we had cider pressed for us, it was amazing. I have not had fresh pressed cider before and I highly recommend it. Our family loved it and the older family members said it brought back memories of childhood.

Also available grass fed beef jerky from The Poor Handmaidens of Christ in Donaldson, Indiana. This is good stuff!

We partner with Pa’s Vegetable Patch for wholesome eggs from pastured chickens that cackle, scratch and strut. Eggs available by subscription only June thru Sept or Nov and December. This coincides with our summer and winter produce subscription dates.

Heirloom dried beans are grown on the outskirts of Grand Rapids on a 6th generation farm. If you have not had the pleasure of eating fresh dried beans you are in for a treat! These delicious beans are grown without herbicides, the weeds are pulled instead.

We are expanding our selection of locally made artisanal foods and locally grown items which include Indiana popcorn, hand cut
pasta, heirloom dried beans, award winning cider, herbal teas and antique apple varieties. If there is something you would like us to carry let us know.